A VIP experience for course creators & coaches to have their ads up and running in one strategic day. 

Launch your ads campaign in just ONE day 

Ready to bring in predictable profits on autopilot? 

You built this offer with intention and you’re ready for it to get into hundreds, then thousands, of more hands because you know the impact will be life-changing for your ideal customer.

You know ads are the natural next step to reach your people.

While you’re exploring this new route, committing to a retainer feels a little scary and you’re not feeling too confident you can get massive results on your own...

You need to get more of the right eyes on your offer but your time is already limited. 

Those 6-figure launches and daily sales feel really out of reach for you right now.

And it’s not like your offer hasn’t been validated, because it has, it’s just that your organic marketing efforts have hit a plateau.

You put in the work for your current customers and sales, and you built an incredible base organically, but now the passive income sales aren’t pouring in like they used to be.

You’ve kept up with all the organic marketing trends — Facebook groups, creating Reels, emailing your list, and showing up with good energy, and yet you have nothing noteworthy to show for your time.

You have a course that’s absolute fire, you know the content is solid, you wayyyyy over-delivered, and you have feedback you’re proud to show off… but it’s not selling like you know it should.

The VIP day is one day dedicated to your business. My team and I will work on all the components of your ad campaign and get them up & running by the end of our VIP day so you can feel completely confident as you watch the Stripe notifications start popping back up on your phone. 

It’s time to scale your impact and income with Facebook & Instagram ads that make your passive income dreams possible.

Confidently double your revenue with a profitable paid advertising strategy — without blindly dumping [more] money down the ads manager drain.

This is exactly why I created the Facebook Ads VIP day! 

Voila! You’ve got a high-converting ad campaign (or 3) up and running! 


Then on your date, my team and I will devote the whole day to you. We’ll send over the ad copy and creatives for you to review and make edits (if needed) and then launch your ads later in the day!


We’ll schedule a pre-VIP day call (usually 3-5 day ahead of time) where we’ll audit your funnel and past campaigns (if any), and map out a custom ad strategy for you.  


You’ll receive a detailed onboarding form with instructions on how to grant us access to your ad account


 I’ll get back to you and share the next available dates we have before sending you the contract and invoice


Fill out the contact form to tell us about your project and what you want to accomplish with ads.


Here’s a preview of what your VIP day will look like:

Only 3 spots available each month. Book yours soon!


your investment:

After your day, you’ll receive: 

Mid-month check-in call to go over your ads performance. We’ll also discuss how to best optimize and scale your ads even more based on the data so they continue to convert for you!

One month of private Voxer support with Megha so you can get real-time support and ask any questions you may have about your results and campaigns 

Craft ad copy, and creatives that resonate with your target audience and ‘stops the scroll’

Detailed audience research and set up to ensure we’re targeting the right people that want what you’re selling (and not waste money targeting the ones that don’t)

Pixel placement so we can track user activity and key metrics inside of ads manager

Build and set up your ads for up to three different campaigns! 

In one uninterrupted day together, we’ll get all of this set up and launched:

Sarah Funk
CEO, Grow Flowers

"Working with Megha was the best decision I made! She is incredible at explaining how ads work. I understood a few of the basic ad terms, but I had no idea how to make everything work in a cohesive campaign that actually converts! Megha was able to completely transform my ad strategy and help me scale, something I have been stuck at figuring out myself. I highly recommend working with her!"

Avery Ann

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Everything will be completely done for you, set up efficiently, and LIVE! 

This means no more hustling inside Facebook groups and instead watching your Stripe balance rise while you sleep.

Ready to stop trading time for money and let your ads hustle for you so you can get back to your zone of genius?

By the end of our day, you’ll be set up for predictable profits that grow your impact!