Smash through the income cap you’ve plateaued at, reach more people, grow your subscriber base, and amplify your visibility.

Predictably multiply your course sales and impact way more of your people by leveraging Facebook ads 

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It’s time to create a cohesive ad campaign that *actually* converts to help you scale beyond your wildest expectations.

You might have tried to run an ad campaign or two on your own to “test” it out, but you quickly paused it when you noticed it was shrinking your profits and turned out to be nothing more than an expensive experiment.

paid advertising.

And a launch you want to pretend didn’t happen because the results were (far) less than desirable?

What’s the difference between a launch that soars past 6-figures, explodes your passive income sales on a daily basis, and makes you giddy every time you open your banking app… 

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The “holy crap, I can’t believe it!” ROI you’ve been trying to achieve starts here. 

We focus on generating more income & impact using Facebook ads and funnels for coaches and course creators. 

Figuring out ads can very quickly feel overwhelming when you’re trying to understand the pixels, tech, creatives, copy, and more importantly, the data — and how to use that to your advantage.

And if you’re not even sure what a pixel is, don’t worry! We’ve got all your bases covered. 

I know you’re tired of padding Zuckerberg’s already THICK pockets with your hard earned money and no ROAS (return on ad spend), so let’s talk.

Choose an option below then kick up your feet and let us handle it.

With done-for-you and done-with-you packages to suit your business’s needs, you’ll get the exact support to grow faster than ever before using proven ad strategies. 

The days of confusion, frustration, and throwing dollars down the ads manager drain are over.

It’s time to let your money & our strategies do the work for you.

Explore how we can work together to double your ROI every.single.time.

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Ad Account & Funnel Audit 

Feeling confident you set everything up correctly with your ads and funnels, but still not seeing a minimum of 2x ROI and wondering where the leak is? Smart, and I’ve got you covered. These one-time, high-impact audits are perfect for you if you want to deep dive into your campaign and funnel to see where you can improve the results. Plus, you’ll get a week of Voxer support after the audit. 

1-on-1 Consulting

Are you DIYing your ads and funnels but want an expert advisor by your side on an ongoing basis to make sure your ads and funnels are performing at their very best? This is perfect for you! In this done-with-you approach, we’ll create a custom traffic and funnel strategy that will meet your marketing and revenue goals, or we’ll audit your current funnel to improve any potential gaps in the strategy. We’ll determine what audiences to test, what marketing hooks to use, brainstorm creative angles, and write conversion-boosting copy — just to name a few.

Done For You Ads Management 

The crème de la crème package that allows you to truly sit back and soak up the *ding-ding* of your Paypal notifications come through while you’re sitting at the beach, soaking in the tub, or chasing your little ones around the house. This monthly retainer package is perfect for you if you’re looking for a hands-off experience where me and my team take care of everything for you and keep you up to date with bi-weekly reports and status updates.

 Here's How We Can Work Together

All you need is the right strategic partner to help you do it and that’s where I step in.

You’re here to make an even more significant impact in your space by getting your courses and offers in front of the right people.

I'm ready to be next!

Over the past five years, I’ve spent multiple six figures on advertising and have worked with many 6 and 7-figure clients to help them launch their offers and courses, set up and scale evergreen funnels, grow their email lists, reach more of their people, and build their visibility and influence. 

I’m focused on growing your income and impact online through strategic ads and funnels.

The ad and funnel expert for coaches and course creators who are ready to ditch the hustle and scale up their business profitably.

Hi, I'm Megha!

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“If you wish to scale your business profitably, I would totally recommend you to work with Megha.”