You’re here to make an even more significant impact in your space by getting your courses and offers in front of the right people...

All you need is the right strategic partner to help you do it and that’s where I step in.

I’m wildly passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the tools and strategy they need to turn their passion into a profitable, thriving business.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with dozens of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and helped them grow their email lists, launch their offers and courses, set up and scale evergreen funnels, generate predictable profits, and impact more people. 

The ads and funnels expert for impact driven entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the hustle and scale their businesses profitably.

I’m an analytics nerd whose equal parts creative and logical with a passion for all things personal development.

Hi, I'm Megha!

Before I started working with entrepreneurs in the online space catapulting their businesses (and bank accounts) forward through ads, I worked in the corporate world as a marketing specialist. 

I worked at large multinational corporations managing big-name accounts and did consulting for a number of growth startups… but as the online entrepreneur story goes, something felt off. I wanted to do more with my life. I craved freedom, meaning, and a greater impact. I wanted to do work that lit me up from the inside, so I quit. 

I shut out all the voices that said, “this is what life is supposed to be” and intended for it to be miserable for 40+ hours a week. 

Back then, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do next. But I was certain that this wasn’t it, and at times, knowing what you don’t want is enough...enough to leave and start afresh. 

So, here I was with 7 years of corporate marketing experience, an MBA degree and a fire in my belly to do something of my own. 

In that transition of finding my calling, my art, my work, I did more of the things I loved. 

I went for yoga classes, took cooking workshops, read books and prayed to the Universe to help guide my path to where I’m supposed to be.

I surrendered, and something magical happens when you surrender. 

One fine day, a friend from my yoga class reached out to me to help her promote her wellness blog. She knew I had a marketing background. It was while working on that project where I had my “aha” moment (cue, it was the most fun project I had worked on in a while) and I knew I could utilize my skills for something I was passionate about.

But I was clueless on what exactly I should be doing and how I could monetize my passion and skills.

Next, I signed up for a digital marketing diploma at General Assembly, took online courses and masterminds to uplevel my knowledge to best serve my growing client base.

Through all of that, I discovered just how much I LOVE paid advertising and funnels. I knew this was exactly what I was supposed to do and have been serving clients in this space since 2015.

My area of expertise is helping coaches and course creators scale to high 6 & 7-figures (and beyond) through paid ads and funnels, and change the world with their courses.

That started my entrepreneurial journey.

Are you ready to take the next step and scale up with ads?

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When I’m not nerding out on Facebook analytics, you’ll find me...

I'm a multi-passionate, who’s always curious to learn, and explore new things. 

Reading, listening to podcasts, taking nature walks, geeking out on astrology and the cosmos, drinking kombucha, or cooking up some new recipe.