Profitable Ads Blueprint is the proven step-by-step framework to run paid social ads profitably, even if you have no experience and no tech skills.

What if you could make sales consistently on autopilot?!

Sales notifications lighting up your phone all day everyday while you leisurely sip coffee or are out running errands.

You are no longer chained to your laptop and your ads work tirelessly for you, converting clicks to sales. 

Your brand now reaches places and people you once only dreamed of.

You realize that your business is no longer just surviving, it’s thriving. The days of fumbling in the dark, trying every new trend, or sinking money into ineffective strategies are gone.

And all this, because you unlocked the potential of profitable paid ads.


Sound like something you've been dreaming of?!

Not only are you reaching your ideal clients ANYTIME ANYWHERE, you’re making sales OVER AND OVER AGAIN

…even while you are fast asleep.

That’s the power of leveraging Facebook ads.

The very mention of Facebook ads might have brought flashbacks of confusing interfaces, money down the drain, and an overwhelming sense of dread.

You may have been advised that you need to spend a larger budget to get a return on you ad dollars.

That’s simply not true!

You definitely don’t need a large budget to see success with ads. It's not about how much you spend, but how wisely you spend.

You can achieve stellar results, even on a lean budget.

Or, You’ve probably tried to DIY your ads and piece together information from different sources and free downloads, maybe even a course. But quickly realised that most of that information is outdated and fluff.

Well, the days of confusion, frustration, and throwing dollars down the ads manager drain are over.

But I get it!

Our course is set up as a step-by-step framework for running effective Facebook (now Meta) ads in 2023. It’s designed for clarity, simplicity, and effectiveness, offering you ONLY updated and actionable strategies that actually work. 

It’s time to let your money do the work for you and get results like these?!

A 10x ROAS?!

That's $47k after ad spend!!

That's $23k in revenue with 2.9x return on ad spend

That's $1800 in revenue from one ad!

Just imagine putting $5,000 in and seeing a return of $10,000 

That’s more than possible — in fact, it’s actually pretty standard for our clients.

Inside Profitable Ads Blueprint, you’ll learn how to…


Profitable Ads Blueprint

Strategise, set up and manage your camapigns 

Choose the right targeting to get in front of your ideal customers

Concept ad copy and creatives that convert

Confidently optimise your ads that gets the most bang for your buck

21 Video Trainings

(value $847)

Checklist, Resource Guides and ChatGPT Prompts

(value $397) 

Lifetime access to the course and future updates

(value $197) 

Ready to see exactly what you’ll learn inside the course?!

MODULE 1: Getting Started

In this module, we’ll go over the tech foundations needed to get started with facebook ads. We’ll cover how to set up your business manager, an overview of the ads manager and how to exactly set up and install your pixel so you can make sure you’ve the right tracking in place. 

  • Lesson 1: Setting Up Business Manager
  • Lesson 2: Business Manager & Ads Manager Walkthrough
  • Lesson 3: How To Set Up Your Pixel
  • Lesson 4: Installing Meta Pixel onto Your Tech Stack
  • Lesson 5: Required Tech Set Up for Ads

MODULE 2: Understanding the Campaign Structure

In this module, we’ll understand what makes a campaign and deep dive into audience targeting, ad copy and creatives so you can get your ads in front of the right folks and convert them into buyers.

  • Lesson 6: Campaign Structure
  • Lesson 7: Campaign Objectives
  • Lesson 8: Audience Targeting
  • Lesson 9: Setting Up Audiences 
  • Lesson 10: Deep Dive Into Ad Creatives
  • Lesson 11: Deep Dive Into Ad Copy
  • Lesson 12: Using Chat GPT for Writing Ad Copy

MODULE 3: Campaign Strategy And Set Up

In this module, we’ll go over the exact campaign strategy and set up you need to sell your digital products and courses and grow your email list. You’ll get a walkthrough of how to actually build campaigns inside ads manager and set up conversion tracking to get the right data.

  • Lesson 13: Campaign Strategy 
  • Lesson 14 : Setting up a Sales Campaign
  • Lesson 15: Setting up a Lead Campaign
  • Lesson 16: Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Module 4: Ad Optimisations 

In this module, we’ll go over how to optimise your ads (aka make tweaks and adjustments on a regular basis) based on real-time data so you can measure the effectiveness of your paid ads and get the best return on your marketing spend.

  • Lesson 17: Metrics That Matter 
  • Lesson 18: Ad Reporting Dashboard
  • Lesson 19: Ad Optimisation Framework
  • Lesson 20: Optimising a Sales Campaign
  • Lesson 21: Optimising a Lead Campaign

This course distills all you need to know about Facebook Ads into straightforward, bite-sized steps that just about anyone can grasp.


Anyone selling digital products and courses looking to grow their email list and make more sales on autopilot

Freelancers and digital marketers looking to learn the key concepts of Facebook & Instagram ads and upskill

Does this sound like where you’re currently at in your business?!

  • Determined to take your business to the next level without being trapped in the endless hustle of growing your organic reach

Did I just catch you nodding along, almost as if it was a resounding                

  • Previously tried running ads but had no clue what you were aiming for so you wound up with no ROI

  • Beyond confused by the tech side of Facebook ads because every time you start to think you understand it, the platform changes.

  • Googling and Youtubing your way to Ads that work (except you just end up spending a ridiculous amount of money trying to make it work and it still doesn’t)
  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about selling your digital products and courses because it feels like you’ve exhausted your current audience


The days of second-guessing and wasting money are over.

I get it, Facebook ads can feel wildly overwhelming and all you want to do is do it right and gain traction from ads.

Paid Ads courses usually cost anywhere from $497 - $2,500 and upwards but I wanted to create an affordable resource so you can start running ads and making bank within 7 days.

It’s time to double (or triple, maybe even quadruple) your revenue and sell more of your digital products and courses! 

About Your Instructor 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve worked as a paid ads specialist with A-lister clients and helped them grow their email lists, scale their digital products and courses, generate predictable profits, and impact more people. 

I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to run facebook ads on your own. I created this course to cut through the noise and help you leverage paid ads to grow your business. 

Running paid ads changed my life (and those of my clients and multitude of their customers) and I hope it will do the same for you.

Hi, I'm Megha!

Got a question?! We have answers!

Are the lessons live or pre-recorded?

Are the lessons live or pre-recorded?

All the lessons are pre-recorded and can be watched at your own pace and schedule.

How long do I have access to the Profitable Ads Blueprint?

How long do I have access to the Profitable Ads Blueprint?

You get lifetime access to the course after you enroll and can watch the lessons whenever you want.

Is this course suitable for beginners?!

Is this course suitable for beginners?!

We’ve specifically designed this course to be beginner-friendly for someone who has zero to little knowledge.

Can I get support if I have questions?

Can I get support if I have questions?

We wanted to keep Profitable Ads Blueprint as affordable as possible, which means hands-on help and 1:1 support isn’t included. 

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we won’t be offering any refunds. All sales made are final. 

Do I have access to all future updates?

Do I have access to all future updates?

Yes you have lifetime access to Profitable Ads Blueprint after your purchase + access to all future updates and bonuses we add to the program.

How long will it take to see results?!

How long will it take to see results?!

If you’re just starting with ads and running traffic to cold audiences, it might take 3-4 weeks to see results as it takes some time for the pixel to season, the algorithm to pick on the learnings, and for you to understand what audiences and creatives are converting well.

However, if you have been running ads for a while, you could see immediate results and get data to better optimize your conversions.

What's the minimum budget to get started?!

What's the minimum budget to get started?!

You can start ads on a lean budget of $20 - $30 per day and get results. You can scale ad spend as you see conversions. Once you start getting results from ads, it’s only logical to spend more to make more dollars and increase profitability.

Can I see what all is included in the course?!

Can I see what all is included in the course?!

Yes! Click here to see a preview of the course curriculum

Still have questions?!

If you’re still wondering whether or not this is right for you, or just have more questions, please reach out!
You can email me at
Or send me a DM at



Ready to experience business growth like never before?!

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

21 Video Trainings

(value $847)

Checklist, Resource Guides and ChatGPT Prompts

(value $397) 

Lifetime access to the course and future updates

(value $197) 

A 4.9x return on ad spend

A 3.26x return on ad spend even with a lower budget

No Refund Policy

Please note that due to the digital nature of this product no refunds are possible. All sales made are final. Please do your due diligence before purchasing a product online. If you have any questions please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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